Where to find HIV anonymous test in Taiwan?

The Taiwanese government pays great attention to human’s health, if you are high at risk, they all recommend that the doctor will immediately consult you for prompt advice and perhaps treatment. Moreover, Taiwan’s health insurance is classified as one of the best insurance types in the world. This is also the country with the highest number of foreign workers in the region.
Besides that, as one of the countries really open to the LGBT community, Taiwan is considered an ideal destination for adventurers. There are many places for LGBT communities like bars, sauna, clubs or events. Being comfortable in sexual issues creates a very high risk in the problem of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, …
Many places for who is for high-risk people to be counseled and tested of these diseases, especially these are not on your hometown, language barriers, travel problems are also problematic, I don’t know if it is a reliable and safe address for advice and testing.
When you suspect you are at high risk, the following locations for free and confidential advice and testing may help:

1. Taipei City Hospital, Kunming Branch, STD Clinic 02 2370 3739 (meet Mr. Huang)
Address: 4th floor, No. 100, Kunming Road, exit gate No. 6 Ximen MRT station.
I highly recommend this place since the staffs are very friendly and their professions are helpful. Also, there is a counseling office for the LGBT community at the 5th floor. The staff here can speak in English so you don’t need to worry.

2. National Taiwan University Hospital (02) 2356 2942 (see Ms. Wu)This is also a reliable and friendly address.

3. Taipei Veterans General Hospital (02) 2875 1997
4. Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou Branch, Taoyuan (03) 328 1200 ext 2040
5. Taichung Veterans General Hospital (04) 359-2525 ext 3100
6. National Cheng Kung University Hospital (06) 235 3535 ext 2646
7. Kaohsiung Medical University Chung Ho Memorial Hospital (07) 321 4227
8. Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (07) 346 8299

You can also directly contact to me via my facebook  page from my contact for more helpful information.

There are also many other counseling and testing points such as links attached to “test sites“, but not all are free.

Quickly tested for your peace of mind to protect yourself and your partner. 

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