What to do when you suspect HIV infection while living and working in Taiwan?

This is probably a very common issue recently. As a worker, being a language barrier, a fear of psychology makes you afraid that you cannot protect yourself.
To know exactly if you are infected with HIV, testing is the only way to know you are positive or not and will be able to determine the next step.

Where to find HIV anonymous test in Taiwan?

In case you are being diagnosis of HIV, don’t worry! Nowadays, HIV is no longer being considered to stop your life immediately, it is a chronic disease that can be controlled and you may live longer as a normal person without being positive.

Therefore, to maintain and extend your longevity, you should:

1. Don’t worry
The general psychology of all people knowing that they are positive for this disease is confusion, anxiety and depression completely, especially those who work away from their homeland, cannot share with anyone, fear I’m afraid to worry with you. Today, HIV is no longer a serious disease like cancer or stroke, it can control and you are completely healthy if you have a healthy lifestyle, exercise and live optimistically.

2. Seeking for help as NGOs or other organizations in Taiwan:
There are many non-governmental organizations that help foreigners when HIV-positive in Taiwan, you will be consulted and helped very enthusiastically so that they no longer worry.
You can contact: PRAA (Persons with HIV / AIDS Rights Advocacy Association of Taiwan).

2nd floor, No. 48, section 1, Chengde street, DaTong city, Taipei.
2F, No.48, Section 1, Datong District, Taipei
103 台北市 大同 區 承德路 一段 48 號 2 樓
Phone: 02-25561383
Email: service@praatw.org
Working time: 9:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday.

A 20-minute walk from Taipei station, or 10 minutes from Zhongshan MRT station. Go to exit 1, turn left, go through a red light, turn left then go straight.

They are very friendly and helpful, also will answer all questions and concerns.

3. Do other tests:
When you are considered as high risk of being diagnosed of HIV, a further test will be conducted to make sure you are real positive or not. If the test that your doctor tells you is positive, first trust them. Then the doctor will advice you for further assists.

  1. The Western Blot test (100% accurate result) or similar tests will confirm exactly with you.
  2. Check the number of antibody cells also known as CD4 to assess your current resistance.
  3. Viral load in the body.
  4. After getting all the results, you will be advised to use meds named ARV.
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